False banned.. Unban please :D

Kindly please unban my account for it is false banned, I'm using windows 10 minecraft which is not possible for aimbot clients to use, I'm just good at aiming or you're anticheat or the player who banned me is drunked.

IGN: xKinsetsu
Date FalseBanned: 1/14/2018
Server: MCPE GameTeam


  • upraveno 14. January
  • upraveno 14. January
    Please wait for @FourManx 's response.
  • Hello @Kinsetsu

    I'm sorry, I suspected you had Windows 10, I was watching another player Aimbot had and hit like you (after finding it was bypassed)
    // Based on your evidence that you have W10 and do not oblige ban I agree with Unban and once again Im sorry.


Tato diskuze je zavřená.