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I've been playing on the server for a long time for almost 2 years. And I found many cheaters, and half the admin on the server at all nebyet for the whole day on the server is 2-3 administrators. I would like to help you, and get an administrator on the server, I'm at least 7 hours in general for the day


  • Hello, this is not possible because this server is Czechoslovak and a lot of players do not know English to understand.
  • But you can report players in the sectionHave a nice day
  • upraveno 28. July
    I don't know, if this server is accepting people from other countries than Slovak or Chech Republic, but you can give that a try.
    If you seriously want to, you have to post an application to this thread.

    To apply, you must:
    1) Be actively playing at least 14 days on mobile version of the server.
    2) Completely know structure of mobile version, forums and web.
    3) Own licensed copy of MCPE.
    4) Be at least 15 years old.
    5) Have clear banlist (have no bans in past)

    Every helper is required to have TeamSpeak 3 and working microphone.

    The format of application:
    1) Your ingame name
    2) Your age
    3) Your experience with Minecraft
    4) What knowledge you have about and how long you are playing here
    5) Your experiences from past posts (If you have, why you've left them)
    6) Why you want to be helper here.
    7) Something about yourself.

    If the leadership will like your application, you will be contacted and invited to personal interview. These interviews are announced usualy every three months. Just carefully watch that thread and you'll be notified. Don't spam admins and moderators to view your apply, or you will get less chance to get applied. While the interview, the leadership will check your knowledge and you will get important informations about working for

    Have a pleasant day,

     - Přihlášku si může podat každý hráč, který hraje na mobilní verzi aktivně minimálně 14 dnů.

  • Ale samozřejmě kdo umí Česky/Slovensky... :dizzy: 
  • @Jokir You are cheater :D You used hitbox and now you are banned for 30 days. 
  • no me no have hitbox :D me play w10 

  • And do you have a proof? That you play on PC?
  • @Jokir You must can speak czech.
  • FourManx yes

  • upraveno 29. July
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