Modders Stupid :b

uuuu I was afk back and I'm banned that is going to trap server asshole: b


  • YES,"afk".
  • Yes AFK fuckin Kid rata :b 
    Stupid Modder :wink: 
  • Prosím o zabanovanie tohoto účtu kedže uráža člena admin teamu.
  • Moderátoři nejsou hloupí. Jak říká @Petonov ;ban.
  • Ty sa musíš všade ozvať :D napísal si prakticky to isté čo ja :D
  • Petonov Please do not get where they do not call you This Idiot already has something against me like the Lame eggs that is !!! I want my Unhooking> :( I was AFK and I come back and I have an IP ban that disgusted Modder
  • You're still having problems on the server.You use hacks and still bypassing ban.If you asked a decent unban, I could give you a chance.So, thats all from me.
  • haha Your give me an Opportunity disgusting rat Not that you were god For that are the Mod Mature and not Child rats like you: b Better I ask not even DesBan to someone mature Bye;)
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